Le Gouvernement du Grand-Duché du Luxembourg

Escape Area

Where ? Marienthal
When ? 13: 00
Start: Marienthal

Max. number of participants : 30

Program of the day :
12 :30
We meet in Marienthal
13 :00
16 :00

Three Escape Games specially designed to solve enigmas and made up of playful exercises, specifically created by the Marienthal center's pedagogical team.

 Any change, delay is to be communicated to the person in charge of the respective activity
 Communicate any health problems (e.g., asthma, epilepsy, recent surgery, etc.).
 Provide the equipment adapted to the chosen activity for each participant according to the weather conditions (rain, sun, wind).
 Bring a canister or bottle of water/drinks (not available at the center)
 Our activities take place in all weather except thunderstorm and storm.
 Cupboards for valuables are at your disposal.
 Safety equipment for each activity (helmets, harnesses, etc.) is at your disposal

Délai d'inscription : 12.11.2020