Hike in Mullerthal

durée: 1 journée

Adresse / pays
Heringer Millen
1, rue des Moulins
L-6245 Waldbillig


Description :

Max number of participants: 30

Deadline for subscription: 02.05.2022

Lunch is not provided

Mullerthal Region, Luxembourg's Little Switzerland

Often referred to as the Little Switzerland of Luxembourg, Mullerthal - or Mëllerdall in Luxembourgish – owes its name to its hilly landscape reminiscent of Switzerland. The Mullerthal Region is above all a unique biotope characterized by rock formations that are as beguiling as they are surprising. It is the unique composition of the rock and soil erosion that have contributed to the creation of this landscape so typical of Luxembourg's Little Switzerland.


Distance : 10.2 km Duration : 03:00 h