Mid-Term Evaluation (MTE) (annulée)

Type : Résidentielle

durée: 4 jours

Adresse / pays
Maison d'accueil des Soeurs Franciscaines
50, avenue Gaston Diederich
L-1420 Luxembourg

Délai d’inscription : 16.03.2020
Service volontaire européen

Description :

Cette MTE est annulée.

  • The mid-term evaluation (MTE) allows volunteers to assess their experience up to that point and to reflect on the activities, role and support of the hosting organisation and on their own contribution.
  • The evaluation provides the opportunity to learn from other volunteers’ experience and enables the participants to plan developments and further improvements in their activity.
  • Participants are pushed to think about what they will achieve/attempt in the longer term, once their experience is over.
  • The MTE should also raise awareness of the personal learning process, linking it to the key competences of the Youthpass and Europass.
  • It is essential that the MTE is designed as a meeting between volunteers. Sharing experience is the key element.
  • The MTE takes place long enough after the volunteer’s arrival in Luxembourg, ensuring that the participants have already gained enough experience to reflect their personal situation, but also sufficiently long before the end of their volunteering activity period so that there is still time to improve the situation if necessary.
  • It is important to mention that the participation in an MTE is mandatory for any ESC volunteer staying at least 6 months in Luxembourg.
  • The costs linked to such sessions are covered by Luxembourg’s national agency (Anefore asbl) and by Service national de la jeunesse.
  • Service national de la jeunesse provides the MTE on behalf of Anefore asbl and in respect of the minimum quality standards detailed by the ESC programme.