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Solidarity project in Portugal

Beräich(er): Aarbecht am sozialen oder edukative Beräich, Kultur
Programm: Service volontaire européen

Organisation d’accueil:

ProAtlântico – Associação Juvenil

ProAtlântico – Associação Juvenil


Adress / Land:
Rua do Sol, 2ª (Vila Fria)

Dauer: 6 - 12 Méint
Ufank: Individuell ofklären Individuell ofklären
Schluss: à convenir
Typ vun der Missioun: Individuell

Beschreiwung vun der Missioun:

ProAtlântico - Associação Juvenil is a non-profit youth organisation, founded in 2001 in Oeiras Council, based in Vila Fria (Porto Salvo) and carries out projects that aim the occupation of free time at the same time that gives the chance to young people to promote their active participation by taking part in European youth projects and in local voluntary activities.
ProAtlântico develops its work based in partnership with local Social Care organisations like Foster Homes, Support Centers for People with Disabilities, Senior Daily Centers offering the chance to their target groups to take part in the projects.

ProAtlantico works in partnership with several organisations from the community: schools, foster homes, immigrant organisations, youth centres,senior daily centres and institutions for people with disabilities.The volunteer will collaborate directly with the target groups of the partner organisations.

Volunteers will be sharing a flat.

Aufgaben vum Volontaire:

Volunteers will develop activities with children, youngsters, elderly people, disabled or migrants/refugees according to their profiles.


  • Playground activities
  • Canteen support
  • Development of recreational and sports activities with children and adolescents
  • Development of activities in the field of music, theatre and dance
  • Support for teachers
  • Support Conflict Management Group

Senior Daily Centres:

  • Handicrafts, dance, games, gymnastics, etc.
  • Help at meals time
  • Activities during holidays related to special events (ex: Christmas theatre play, building Carnival masks, games with Easter eggs, Summer camps, birthday parties, religious events, etc.)
  • Support in the reception/division of food donated
  • Support in the distribution of food to poor families
  • Organization of workshops to empower the families supported by the food bank

Occupational activities centre & residence for people with disabilities:

  • Collaborate in adapted workshops (ceramics, painting, decorating, etc.)
  • Feeding & hygiene routines (help to give meals to residents)
  • Therapeutic and leisure time activities (traditional games, newspaper, playroom, etc.)
  • Sports activities (boccia, water adapted activities, etc.)
  • Recreational activities (tours, walking, parties, etc.)

Center for refugees:

  • Accompaniment of clients to medical services and official services, always with a technician
  • Accompaniment of users in cultural activities and knowledge of the country / region (eg. visits to museums, participation in cultural events, etc.);
  • Development of entertainment and leisure time actions (theatre, sports, sociocultural animation);
  • Logistical and administrative support;
  • Analysis and studies in the field of migration;
  • Support in food bank;
  • Participation in communitarian events.

Foster home:

  • Animate and implement leisure time activities (ex: sports, music, singing, dance, theatre, handicrafts, watching movies, thematic conversations, etc.)
  • Accompany children in outside activities of the foster home (ex: go to the doctor, take children to/from school/playground/cultural places, etc.)
  • Motivate children/youngsters to study (ex: English language tutoring, Maths …) and to complete their objectives (ex: with creative methods like games, music, quiz, etc.) and assist them in computers (ex: internet search, Word, Excel, Power point, etc.)
  • Propose and implement specific activities related to the period of the holidays/ weekends (ex: Christmas theatre play, build Carnival masks, games with Easter eggs, Summer camps, birthdays, etc.)
  • Help with the meals
  • Help with events of fundraising (fairs, concerts, etc)
  • Help children and youngsters to organize the house and the rooms
  • Help to improve the facilities of the house
  • Organisation of offers from the community

Design, communication & multimedia:

  • Support in the elaboration of promotional materials for the management of social networks;
  • Support in the elaboration of promotional materials for events;
  • Support in the elaboration of publicity materials, namely posters or other images;
  • Photography of parts;
  • Image processing;
  • Customer Service;
  • Elaboration and search for drawings, images alluding to naval daily life and other annual events;
  • Support in the definition, execution and control of the graphic quality of the navy magazine;
  • Collaborate in the study to define the appearance and pagination format of the navy magazine (colors, formats, sizes and fonts, etc.);
  • Support in organizing the spaces of the navy magazine;
  • Collaborate in the creation of dissemination and promotion materials for the navy magazine.

Gesichte Profil:

The profile of the volunteer will have general requirements: proactive, motivated to work in a social environment, with a sense of responsibility, like to work in a team, flexible, with handwork skills, with communication ability, mature to work with social and economic disadvantaged community.

A high motivation to work with the target groups and special interest in music, dance, theatre, sports, cooking, computers, handicrafts, gardening, history, photography, arts, can be an added value, since these areas their fields of interest and will be the way to reach their attention.
It’s expected the volunteers have a positive attitude, patience and good listening capacity.
We will look for volunteers who are interested in working with a commitment to volunteering and have chosen our project because of the experience and development they will gain, not only because it’s in Portugal.
The volunteer has to be between 18 and 30 years, with good integration capability; willingness to share experiences and cultural habits.


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