Ecocentric volunteering

Domaines : Aarbecht am sozialen oder edukative Beräich, Ëmweltschutz, Kultur
Programme : Service volontaire européen

Organisation d’accueil

Outward Bound Croatia

Outward Bound Croatia


Adresse / pays
region of Lika, Lovinac

durée 6 - 12 Méint
début: juni 2021
fin: mai 2022
type de mission: individuell

Description de la mission :

Outward Bound Croatia is a member of a world-renowned schools of Outward Bound International network, providing outdoor experiential learning programs. The main field of activity is organization and implementation of innovative outdoor programs for school children and youth, with special concern to youth with fewer opportunities.

Programs include courses in nature, teaching various technical skills and sports, learning how to overcome physical and mental challenges and result in building self-esteem and discovering one's full capacities, which can later be transferred to everyday life.

Special attention is also given to social and environmental responsibility and the impact of one's actions on the group and society as a whole.

Tâches du volontaire :

We are looking for young people who are excited by nature, capable of handling all its positive sides as well as challenges. You are a person that likes nature and wants to learn and share a scope of skills. You are diligent, on time, pro-active, patient, brave, adaptable, willing to learn and likes simple living, and before all you are interested to learn about Permaculture, including self sustainability, ecology, preservation of environment and species.


Profil recherché :

Please read following text and find if it fits your profile. We are looking for person that is:

  1. in a good physical shape;
  2. willing and able to take activities that are required at the permacultural farm and surroundings;
  3. able to live in a small village on the countryside with limited resources;
  4. having a keen interest the subjects of: ecology, permaculture, renewable energy, environment, helping community;
  5. interested to learn of organic everyday lifestyle including hygiene, kitchen etc.;
  6. proactive and diligent;
  7. willing to be part of the entire project for 12 months and take part of the daily activities required at the farm;
  8. able to adapt and improvise;
  9. able to communicate in English;
  10. between 18-30 years old.

Votre contact :

Elena Koroglanoglou
+352 247-86439