ESC in education and long life learning in Vicopisano 01.05.2021-30.04.2022

Domaines : Aarbecht am sozialen oder edukative Beräich, Kultur
Programme : Service volontaire européen


Adresse / pays
Vicopisano (Pisa)

durée 6 - 12 Méint
début: mee 2021
fin: avril 2022
type de mission: am grupp

Description de la mission :

The Italian Female’s Centre (CIF) ofVicopisano is a voluntary organization which belongs to the CIF national organization with sections in 90provinces and 500 municipalities in Italy.For over 20 years CIF Vicopisano has organized after school activities for young people, formal and non-formal educational activities for adults and the elderly, meetings with experts and seminars as well as socializing activities for all ages

Tâches du volontaire :

From January to June the volunteers will be involved in educational activities as follows:

  • Participation in the staff meetings to settle the programme activities;
  • Support in the afterschool programme, open 5 afternoons per week, helping children with their homework through workshops, group work or individuallywork.
  • Support children with specific learning disabilities and linguistic difficulties;
  • Organization of linguistic workshop for children and young people both in group and individually;
  • Presence to the canteen service with the educators, children and adolescents;
  • Organization of games, outdoor and recreational activities before and after the afterschool programme;
  • Support teachers, educators and the staff members in tutoring and linguistic activities with adults and elderly people;
  • Support adults and elderly people during the online training courses;
  • Organization and management of workshops;
  • Participation in the monthly coordinating meetings with public stakeholders.

From June to December the 4 volunteers will be actively involved in the Summer Camps for local children through outdoor activities, games, workshops, sport, trips out of town and afterschool programme as well.

Here you cand download the infopack of the project.

Profil recherché :

  • an open-minded young person with a positive attitude to work in an education and training programme with different kinds of people: children, teenagers, adults and elderly people;
  • ready and motivated to interact with local people and live a deep cultural experience;
  • patient, kind, polite, tolerant, able to listen actively and willing to work in team.

Votre contact :

Elena Koroglanoglou
+352 247-86439