Volunteer and Horses make a change for children with disabilities 01.08.2021-01.10.2021

Domaines : Aarbecht am sozialen oder edukative Beräich, Déiereschutz
Programme : Service volontaire européen

Organisation d’accueil

Paint and Quarter Horse Foundation Bulgaria

Paint and Quarter Horse Foundation Bulgaria


Adresse / pays
The project will be executed at 4OUR RANCH, located 50 km from the city of Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria.

durée < 2 Méint
début: august 2021
fin: septembre 2021
type de mission: individuell

Description de la mission :

Paint and Quarter Horse Foundation Bulgaria was established in 2017. What united us is the love for horses, especially the fine qualities of the breeds Paint Horse and Quarter Horse. We share common values namely:

  • Good treatment of horses and other animals
  • Raising and caring for horses and other animals in a way close to their natural environment
  • No violence and no training aids that degrade and infringe the integrity of the horse or inflict any pain
  • Partnering with horses in therapeutic sessions in safe and beneficial manner

The activities our organization has planned can be divided in two topics– A1: Volunteering with the ‘’Program for free therapeutic riding for children with disabilities’’; A2: Volunteering with maintaining the facilities of the ranch where the organization and its horses are based; volunteering with construction of small projects.

The ‘’Program for free therapeutic riding for children with disabilities’’ offers each week seven children with disabilities free therapeutic riding sessions. Volunteers are needed to support the two instructors and allow more time for communication with the child and his or her parent. The volunteers are encouraged to engage with the children and share some of their cultural and personal background with them.

Tâches du volontaire :

Volunteering with the ‘’Program for free therapeutic riding for children with disabilities’’ is possible only after the volunteer passes successfully the internal training by one certified therapeutic riding instructor. It includes:


Assisting with training the horses for therapeutic riding:

  • bringing the horses from the pasture
  • grooming the horses
  • assisting the instructor during the exercises
  • bringing the horses back to the pasture

Assisting the instructors in therapeutic riding sessions:

  • bringing the horses from the pasture
  • grooming the horses
  • prepare the gear of the horse and the rider for the therapeutic riding
  • assist the instructor during the therapeutic riding session by leading the horse, bring in and out of the arena tools and games
  • leading the horse back to the pasture after the sessions is over

Helping with the everyday care for the horses :

  • opening the doors of the horses for their day pastures in the morning
  • bringing the horses back to their night pastures in the evening
  • feeding once a day one or two horses if necessary
  • grooming all the horses once a week
  • bringing horses from and to the pasture when it is time for hoof trimming
  • feeding the dogs in the morning

Help maintaining the pastures and the creek:

  • Regularly cut grass and small bushes around the pastures’ fence
  • Digging out darnel and cutting bushes within the pastures
  • Cleaning the creek and forming spaces suitable for the horses to drink water
  • Helping with placing the bales of hay for the winter/only for volunteers in June, July and August

Profil recherché :

All of the following criteria are obligatory:

  • Young people who are tolerant of children and young people with disabilities
  • Young people who are patient with others and with animals
  • Outdoor people who like nature and being outside most of the time
  • Young people who have no problem being around horses and dogs
  • Young people who don’t mind doing physical work
  • Young people who care for the environment and can cope with living in an eco-friendly facility*
  • Young people who want to spend their volunteering time outside the city, in lower mountains, in a family-like atmosphere.

Votre contact :

Elena Koroglanoglou
+352 247-86439