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Sunnahof Tufers (09.09.24-31.08.25)

Domaine : Culture, Travail social et éducatif
Programme : Service volontaire européen

Organisation d’accueil :

Sunnahof Lebenshilfe Vorarlberg Gmbh

Sunnahof Lebenshilfe Vorarlberg Gmbh

Mission :

Adresse / pays :
Göfis, Austria

durée : 6 - 12 mois
début : septembre 2024
fin : août 2025
type de mission : En groupe

Description de la mission :

Sunnahof is a limited liability company and an affiliated company from an association founded 1967, called “Lebenshilfe Vorarlberg”. Sunnahof is situated in Göfis, near Feldkirch, Austria.
Our general principle is “people need people” no matter if you have any disabilities or not. Our work focuses on the uniqueness of each human being and the belief that the society depends on each individual person and each individual person depends on the society.
Sunnahof is an institution for people with light intellectual disabilities and behaviour problems from the age of 16 until retirement. Our core objective is to prepare this target group for the regular employment market. Therefore, Sunnahof provides four biodynamic working areas with naturalistic working conditions.
Those four working areas are:
- agriculture
- plant nursery
- carpentry
- gastronomy with a farm shop
All together, we engage over 60 people with light intellectual disabilities and behaviour problems. Furthermore, Sunnahof offers a housing service for around 20 people with disabilities which include different possibilities of assistance.
Our staff is educational and subject-specific trained a basic requirement for our concept. It enables us, on the one hand to handle an agriculture with 60-hectare arable land and plenty of animals, to produce a variety of wooden products only per order, to receive about 5000 visitors per year in our gastronomy and to grow and sell 500 different species of plants.
And on the other hand, it qualifies us to accompany people with disabilities on their way to the regular employment market.

Tâches du volontaire :

The volunteer will work five days a week, 34 hours a week including German course. S*he will have two days holidays per month.
In terms of learning opportunities, the volunteer will have a varied role and therefore gain invaluable experience and skills for working with people with light intellectual disabilities and behaviour problems. On that course, they will learn a lot about their ways of living as well as, disability issues and issues facing the local community.
They will also learn how to work along with people with disabilities and how to increase their skills and promote their independence. Furthermore, they will gain access to work as a farmer, carpenter, gardener and gastronome.
The role of the volunteer will be to work along with our employees and people with intellectual disabilities and behaviour problems, mainly in ONE of our four working areas: agriculture, carpentry, plant nursery or gastronomy+farm shop.
There are many different things to learn as a volunteer at Sunnahof. Every working area has its learning possibilities and challenges.
Independent of the working area, the volunteer will be involved in the work and attendance of people with intellectual disabilities and behaviour problems. That’s the core area of the training.
The work is characterized by mainly outdoor jobs and substantial work. Examples are mucking out the barn, intersperse hay, feeding and caring for the animals, maintaining work, preparing goods for the farm shop.
Plant nursery:
Also, the work in our nursery plant is branded with substantial work and outdoor jobs. Examples of possible tasks are repotting, weeding and plant reproduction.
The carpentry requires accurate work and craftsmanship. Engineering wood boxes, drilling, sanding and mounting are main tasks in our daily affairs.
Gastronomy + farm shop:
Customer contact and friendliness are key qualifications for this working area. Tasks can include preparing meals, baking cookies, washing the dishes, decorating, tidying, accept and deal with deliveries and so on.
Each volunteer will work in one area during the year. We also expect that our volunteers do a small project at Sunnahof. The aim is to get to know each other better and to intensify the contact with people with disabilities a little. This can be small projects or activities like for example: creating a special cooking day with meals from your country or playing games with the team, for example a hide and seek in the surrounding area, to come close to nature by every sense.
➔ One weekend a month, all volunteers will have the duty to take care of the animals at the agriculture area. For this task, the volunteers can take their two free consecutive days off during the week.

Profil recherché :

We are looking for open-minded people who want to collect many experiences in the daily work with people with intellectual disabilities and behaviour problems. We expect that the volunteer brings in a high motivation. Moreover, the volunteer should have a stabilized personality so that they can encourage and accompany people with disabilities to realize their potential and abilities.

Votre contact :

Elena Koroglanoglou
+352 621 394 907