Sustainability rules 13.03.23-30.11.23

Domaine : Culture, Engagement pour la paix, Travail social et éducatif
Programme : Service volontaire européen

Organisation d’accueil :

Kurjen ekokyläyhdistys

Kurjen ekokyläyhdistys

Mission :

Adresse / pays :
Vesilahti, Finland

durée : 6 - 12 mois
début : mars 2023
fin : novembre 2023
type de mission : En groupe

Description de la mission :

The objective of Kurjen ekokyläyhdistys is to vivify the countryside life in many ways, promote holistic ecological lifestyle and global sustainable development, as well as encourage communality and inclusion, and be open to surroundings and cooperate in many local, national and international ways. The fulfilment of these aims is a major part of our routine work in the village, where the association operates and which also acts as a home to some of its members and the volunteers alike. We want to be well known in Vesilahti among all citizens and support tolerance, strengthen the local community, enriching the culture inside our village and bring the communities surrounding us close together. Our organization is cooperating with GEN Finland, GEN Europe (Global Ecovillage Network) and Finnish Permaculture Association, bringing us many other understandings and ways of operating in our own community, with nature and with the volunteers. We do our small steps here in our village and surroundings and other ecovillages and permaculture places are doing theirs. We are happy to corporate and embrace collaborations to harmonize our ideas about sustainability around Europe.

Tâches du volontaire :

Everyone easily gets a lot of information about how bad the situation is on the planet, and we are crossing people who often feel alone, hopeless and stuck in the process of looking for solutions, not knowing what to do. Our organization believes that all the small things can make a big difference. We do our best to live more sustainably, bring life to the countryside, build up communality, be open to new ideas and make our baby steps for a better and safer future. Bringing more awareness to people about these topics and helping them to create concrete actions is our objective.

Our strategy is to develop a centre of sustainable lifestyle and diversity which is open for everyone interested. We will develop and strengthen cooperation between different people, groups and actors and between urban and rural areas. We promote actions based by sustainable development goals like increasing biodiversity by planting large variety of perennial plants, also promoting wellbeing of pollinators and other animals; increasing knowledge of food security and sustainable food production by making reference garden and food forest based on permaculture principles; taking part of the nature conservation projects; increasing inclusion and equality; promoting sustainable consumption and production patterns. Furthermore, we will vivify the countryside by hosting visitors and groups, and organizing happenings, open door days and weekly summer cafeteria. We will bring solidarity, internationality and inclusion by cooperating and organizing things with at Vesilahti municipality, organizations and other actors like Finnish permaculture association, Shero ry, ecovillages, GEN (Global ecovillage network) Finland, cooperating with, organizing things and bringing together different people groups like immigrants, refugees, disabled people, sexual minority, elderly people, youth and children. We are developing our role as an international cooperator and creating good and active partnerships.

Here there is a brief list of the activities that volunteers are doing:
– Solidarity work: visiting, keep workshops and help in the local community for example in schools, youth clubs, scouts, old people’s homes, events, etc. (mostly during autumn and winter); providing opportunities to plan and development of other volunteering activities back home.
– Help the community to organize courses, events and cultural happenings and open days. Keep company with the children and promote playful activities with them during happenings. Keep every summer Saturday cafeteria and host visitors.
– Seasonal nature work is a long-lasting project from a different point of view: learn the year cycle of nature and what nature and gardens here offer seasonally, how to use it, preserve it and share the surplus. Forest food: berries, mushrooms, wild herbs, etc. Learn the importance of this activity for the Finnish culture. Document the seasonal work tasks and spread the information to visitors, through social media, website, blog, newsletter and other possible ways of reaching people.
– Taking care of the permaculture gardens, which we have to take care of daily (i.e. seeding, weeding, watering, harvesting). Document tasks and spread the information to visitors, through social media, website, blog, newsletter and other possible ways of reaching people.
– Some projects of Permaculture Gardens, which we have to take care of daily (i.e. seeding, weeding, watering, harvesting)
– Assistance in an ecological building project. Mainly renovation of the old barn as a community centre depending on funding
– Cooking healthy ecological lunches for the whole community (from 10 to 40 persons) using seasonal and biological ingredients. About every sixth week one volunteer is responsible for the kitchen. If needed another volunteer will be the kitchen helper and will work with you.
– Conserving the products of the garden during harvest time. You will learn different techniques for conservation.
– Simple household tasks like shopping, maintenance of common spaces. Community caretaker tasks, maintenance of the dry toilets, composts and heating the sauna.
– Helping the organisation to organize courses, events and cultural happenings. The summer is the season with more events, every summer Saturday there is a summer cafeteria, where we are selling drinks and food to customers.
– Promotion of ESC/Erasmus+ and Kurki Ecovillage. Office Work: blog, social media, website, keeping a diary, evaluation of learning outcomes and cooperation with the supporting organizations. Completion of Youthpass
– Visiting and helping the local community for example schools, youth clubs, scouts, old people’s homes, events, etc.

Volunteers live in the ecovillage. The accommodation is simple and all the six volunteers will be sleeping in a small house with a mini-kitchen. There will be 3 beds upstairs and 3 downstairs. As an ecovillage we have dry toilets, and we are using nature-friendly and biodegradable products. The ecovillage consists of about 30 people. The distance to the centre of Vesilahti from the ecovillage is 4 km. Vesilahti is a typical Finnish village, it has about 4500 inhabitants, and it spreads in a big area.

Profil recherché :

In this project, there will be 6 volunteers, from different European countries, and of different ages (18-30).
– Be aware of allergies because we are living in the countryside, we have dogs, cats, and other animals. There is also hay, pollen, and other natural substances.
– We use mainly organic food in community meals and cleaning/washing ingredients must be nature-friendly and biodegradable products. Toothpaste, soap, makeup, and detergent are easily available in the Finnish shops or you can make your own cosmetic products.
– Volunteers live in the ecovillage; however, the work tasks are connected to organisation goals which consist of promoting sustainability and solidarity.
– The accommodation is simple and all the six volunteers will be sleeping in a small house with a mini-kitchen. There will be 3 beds upstairs and 3 downstairs. Furniture gives some privacy. A bigger kitchen and common living room area in the community house, where you can spend your time.
– There is no traditional shower. We have a big sauna which is heated several times a week. There is warm water every day in the sauna, so you can wash daily (with bowls, no shower).
– In the close-by area there are possibilities to hike in the forest, swim in the lake, go canoeing, and bicycling.
– As an ecovillage we decide to have dry toilets, this is the first step of the composting. Your main dry toilet is outside your house.
– The eco-community consists of about 30 people. Our village is a children-friendly and non-violent place. So, we are not allowing the use of drugs or heavy use of alcohol.

Votre contact :

Elena Koroglanoglou
+352 247-86439