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Giardino di Nunù

The association Centro Social Pet was born in July 2013 in Matera, Italy. It is affiliated to the National Educational Sports Centre (recognised by CONI) and its main purpose is to encourage the development of amateur sports activities, through the promotion, dissemination and exercise of dog activities with great attention Pet Therapy. The combination of sport & nature gave birth to “Il giardino di Nunù” (Nunù’s garden) in June 2018. It aims to promote growth and educational activities in nature for children aged 3 to 6. Il giardino di Nunù offers children the opportunity to live in harmony doing activities inspired by Montessori, both indoor and outdoor every day from 8:00 to 16:00; to do zoo-anthropology experiences, experience pet therapy with animals, together with play and movement. The association also organizes experiential workshops, educational projects in schools, seminars, conferences and training courses to encourage the active participation of citizens.