Le Gouvernement du Grand-Duché du Luxembourg

Kölner Freiwilligen Agentur e.V.

Domaine : Culture, Travail social et éducatif
Programme : Service volontaire européen

Organisation d’accueil :

Kölner Freiwilligen Agentur e.V.

Kölner Freiwilligen Agentur e.V.

Mission :

Adresse / pays :
Köln, Germany

durée : 6 - 12 mois
début : à convenir
fin : à convenir
type de mission : Individuelle

Description de la mission :

The Cologne Volunteer Center (Kölner Freiwilligen Agentur) is a not-for-profit organisation to foster civic engagement. Founded in1997 they are committed to the development and strengthening of civil society. They inform and advise people who want to engage themselves with their time and knowledge. Their ambition is a placement that fits to the individual volunteer so she or he has a fulfilled life, and on the other hand the non-profit organizations receive the support that is needed.

Tâches du volontaire :

The organisation has several projects available for young people.

The project always starts in September / October and will last between 6 and 12 months. Applications can be submitted until March to start the project in September.

They are looking for young people who are interested in working as teaching assistants or as assistants In kindergartens, boarding schools etc.

You can have a look at all the projects and the tasks of the volunteers here:


Profil recherché :

Motivated young people have good knowledge of the German language.

Votre contact :

Lia Kechagia Lia Kechagia