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Touristic Guide

Domaine : Culture, Sport, Tourisme
Programme : Service volontaire européen

Organisation d’accueil :

Pythia Social Cooperative Enterprise

Pythia Social Cooperative Enterprise

Mission :

Adresse / pays :
Kavala, Greece

durée : à convenir
début : à convenir
fin : à convenir
type de mission : Individuelle

Description de la mission :

Pythia Koinsep is a social enterprise, based in Eleftheroupoli of Kavala at the Prefecture of Eastern Macedonia and Thrace, Greece. Its mission is to offer educational, cultural, touristic, development, social and economic services to the local citizens of Kavala, Drama and Serres region. By acquiring the experience and knowledge of its key members, Pythia Koinsep is the organisation to fulfill any social needs concerning culture, nature, ecology, education, local products, traditional customs and professions. Pythia KOINSEP aims to find all necessary ways and means to tackle social and economic challenges and help local people fulfill their needs.

Tâches du volontaire :

Participants will have the opportunity to work with Pythia’s volunteers to produce a touristic guide with the places that are important to visit a tourist. The participants also have to implement field visits to gain a better view. This field visits include a lot of walking as most of them are in high places up to the top of city. Participants for this activity should be in good health.

Profil recherché :

Pythia is wide open to young people from 18 – 30 years old, regardless of background, competences or experience, with an interest in learning by doing and eager to have new experiences, meet new cultures and live like a local for the volunteering period. We love people who find motivation in tasks and activities given to them regardless of their expertise, so we are actually looking for participants who are willing to develop themselves and move forward with new capabilities.

Votre contact :

Lia Kechagia Lia Kechagia