Le Gouvernement du Grand-Duché du Luxembourg

Il Sicomoro

“Il Sicomoro” is the Italian translation of the sycamore, which looks like a fig tree, and it is very popular in the Middle East: it is very common in the streets of Palestine, where it leaves splashes of colour on those biblical landscapes, apparently very similar to the ones in our Lucania. It has witnessed many chapters of the story of salvation so that it has become a topo in the language of the Bible. However, sometimes the Sycamore tree turns out as the real protagonist: just like in the evangelical episode of Zaccheo, where the Sycamore becomes the linking tool between Zaccheo and Jesus. In fact, the tiny and short Zaccheo ends up in a thick crowd, and he climbs the sycamore to go over the multitude of people and get in contact with Jesus. With the roots in our land and our territory, we would like to become the right means, which let people make part of a bigger project, creating something capable of “changing lives”.