Community development in Andalusia

Domaines : Déiereschutz, Ëmweltschutz, Kultur, Tourismus
Programme : Service volontaire européen

Organisation d’accueil

Huercal-Overa City Council

Huercal-Overa City Council


Adresse / pays
Huercal-Overa City Council, Andalusia, Spain

durée Individuell ofklären
début: individuell ofklären Individuell ofklären
fin: à convenir
type de mission: individuell

Description de la mission :

The Huercal-Overa City Council develops a wide range of projects.

Through this project, young and old citizens of Huércal-Overa will have the opportunity to interact with young people from other European countries and learn about foreign cultures, customs, ideas, ways of thinking, and working methods, and become more acquaintance with the European principles and values.


Tâches du volontaire :

  • The volunteers will collaborate in the following activities:Volunteering in the Animal Welfare Association.  Dog care, dog walking, feeding the animals,playing with the animals, etc.
  • Volunteering at the Women’s Center. Organisation of gender equality workshops and activities, workshops for women (Dance, sewing, yoga, Pilates, English classes, etc.) and supporting women’s associations.
  • Volunteering in the local Social Services. Supporting Disabled people’s organizations and the Alzheimer’s Societyvisiting and spending time with seniors.
  • Volunteering in youth, cultural, and sports programs in the town. Children’s storytelling at the local library, activities, advice, and support for young people, language exchanges with young people, collaborating in cultural activities organized by the City Council such as theaters, art exhibitions, fairs, markets, etccollaborating in education and skills training to improve the employability of young people, taking part in sports activities.
  • The volunteers will be able to participate in a wide range of activities, so at the end of the volunteering project, they will have completed a unique experience, working as a team with many people from different backgrounds, ages, and social conditions.

Profil recherché :

  • Motivated young people.

Votre contact :

Lia Kechagia