Vocational Education and Consultation Centre for the Hearing-Impaired

Domaine : Aarbecht am sozialen oder edukative Beräich
Programme : Service volontaire européen

Organisation d’accueil

ungehörig – Sozialwerk e.V.

ungehörig – Sozialwerk e.V.


Adresse / pays
Erwin-Kern-Strasse 1-3
79252 Stegen

durée 6 - 12 Méint
début: september 2021
fin: juillet 2022
type de mission: individuell

Description de la mission :

The association “unerhört” - Sozialwerk für hörgeschädigte Kinder und Jugendliche Freiburg e.V. (Charity Organization for Hearing-Impaired Children and Young People Freiburg) is a non-profit organization. It mainly supports students of the Bildungs- und Beratungszentrums für Hörgeschädigte Stegen (Vocational Education and Consultation Centre for the Hearing-Impaired Stegen). This includes hearing impaired children and young people who get their care in other institutions and families in the region.

Tâches du volontaire :

In their work, volunteers learn about the social demands of hearing impaired people. Working on a social project gives the volunteers job orientation and perspective for their future. When volunteers independently design care activities, they can be proud and learn to depend on their own skills. School and residence workers guide the volunteers. So, the volunteers can help organize the support programme and free time events for the students.

Profil recherché :

Volunteers should like working for the development of needy people. They should be open to working with disadvantaged young people or youth who might be excluded from society. Past experience in working with special needs children and youth would be helpful. Volunteers should be able to individually design and plan activities. They should also be helpful and be able to work with other team members. Basic knowledge in german language will be helpful. Learning the German language should not be the volunteers’ only or main motivation for volunteering with this project.

Votre contact :

Elena Koroglanoglou
+352 247-86439